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Our cleaning solutions are the most robust and comprehensive among cleaning firms in the Melbourne area. Here at EC Corporation, we specialise in body corporate cleaning and caretaking, but we also offer a wide range of other professional cleaning services, including:

We provide high-quality cleaning and caretaking services to all common indoor and outdoor areas, with a focus on communal areas.

People feel more content when the air is fresh, the office is clean, with no dust to bother people prone to hayfever and other allergic reactions.

Our passionate teams have the appropriate skills and experience to understand the unique requirements around educational cleaning.

Our teams follow a strict process when doing a biohazard clean-up to contain and exterminate viruses and bacteria for the safety of your employees and customers.

Steam cleaning is the best way to remove build-up from the carpet's fibres. It also eliminates mould and pet scents from deep within the carpet’s fibres.

We can spare you the risks and frustrations with what can be a tedious job for someone whose job description does not include “window washer.”

You may have been using your staff to manage the junk, but this may not be the best outcome considering that your staff could be doing more value-adding work.

High pressure cleaning involves using a pressure washer to remove paint, mould, mud, dust, grime and other dirt from hard surfaces and objects.