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Education Cleaning

Australian authorities demand a high standard of cleanliness in education facilities at all times.

We believe in the adage that our youth are our future, and we share Australians’ passion for keeping our younger generations safe and healthy. To this end, we take the cleaning of any education facility very seriously, whether it be early childhood centres, preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary education institutions.

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Principals are responsible for ensuring their schools are cleaned to the proper standard. We would be happy to discuss those standards with schools. Our passionate teams have the appropriate skills and experience to understand the unique requirements around educational cleaning. Although we follow standard processes, we are happy to alter or add to our approach to suit the specific needs of any education facility.

Whether you need paint spills removed or deep cleans after a viral outbreak, we use the best cleaning equipment and safe cleaning products to clean and sanitise surfaces properly. We are also very diligent in maintaining the cleanliness of high-touch surfaces to ensure sanitary conditions 24/7.
We prioritise the cleaning and disinfection of any surfaces that are frequently touched:
  • Counters

  • Door handles

  • Tabletops

  • Light switches

  • Water taps

  • Desks

  • Elevator buttons

  • Toilet seats and handles

  • Frequently used electronic equipment

  • And more ..

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

We urge educators and school adminstrators to note the difference between cleaning and disinfecting: cleaning means removing germs (viruses and bacteria) and dirt from surfaces using a solution of detergent and water. A detergent breaks up grease and oil in combination with the use of water. On the other hand, disinfecting is about using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. We always clean before we disinfect a surface, as dirt can reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants.

No matter whether you need regular cleaning services, or disinfecting services after a viral outbreaks, we look forward to discussing your education facility’s unique cleaning needs with you.

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