COVID-19 Disinfection

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COVID-19 Disinfection

COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact and effect on the world, and the battle against this invasive virus continues worldwide and across Australia.

Every state has been affected in some way, with extensive lockdowns in some cities a sad reality. Unfortunately, thousands of businesses have been severely affected in some way. However, Australians are resilient, and people are fighting back by adopting safer hygiene practices in the workplace.

Business owners, in particular, understand the importance of adhering to government regulations and guidelines in this regard, as their and their employees’ livelihoods depend on common-sense practices to keep the virus at bay. They know that interruptions in their ability to do business can be harmful to their company and that a collective commitment to remain open for business is good for everyone.

We understand that an infectious disease is a biohazard.

It ought to be cleaned, disinfected, and removed by using the correct combination of products and procedures during the cleaning process.

Biohazard Clean-up

A biohazard is a biological material such as a virus, bacterium, microorganism, plant, animal (or its by-products) that threaten people’s health. However, bodily fluids and body tissue are also classified as biohazard contamination, which requires cleaning.

Thanks to extensive COVID-19 awareness campaigns, most if not all Australians understand that when people cough, sneeze, or touch one another or touch a contaminated surface, and then touch their mouth, nose, or eyes, viruses spread quickly between them.

The cleanliness of your office is important to us. Our teams follow a strict process when doing a biohazard clean-up to contain and exterminate viruses and bacteria for the safety of your employees and customers. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can eliminate any viruses and bacteria living on surfaces in and around your office.